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The Franciscan School of Theology will be offering a number of continuing education courses this July in Oceanside, Calif. A retreat house is available that can easily house friars, and FST is only 40 miles away from the airport in San Diego.

The classes offered are:

The Book of Genesis and the Spiritual Formation of God’s People

July 2-6 (July 4 is a free day) Garrett Galvin OFM

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has reminded us: “Spiritually, we are all Semites.” With this in mind, we will approach the Book of Genesis as a type of formation handbook where we hear about the spiritual journey and development of our fathers and mothers in faith. Genesis helps us understand our beginnings in goodness and blessing. This blessing is challenged by the freedom to sin inherent in our status as humans but is always answered by a God of forgiveness.

The Path of Beauty: Walking with a Discerning Heart

July 9-13 Mary Beth Ingham CSJ

In this weeklong class, we explore the foundational Franciscan experience of Beauty and how it informs a life of growth in spiritual wisdom. We consider what the key elements and patterns of Franciscan discernment might be and how best to bring them to birth in our minds, hearts, and lives.

Communion and Critique: Franciscan Religious Practice and Spiritual Transformation in the 21st Century

July 16-20 Joseph Chinnici OFM

Contemporary Franciscans, both lay and religious, live within a global society shaped by cultural, political, and economic forces often beyond their control or knowledge. How might the religious disciplines of the Franciscan spiritual tradition lead contemporary believers into lives of freedom, enjoyment, and communion together? How might this tradition’s approach to poverty, chastity, obedience, and prayer join married and celibate life in a common mission? This course considers the shared life of religious and lay discipleship that embodies an engaged communal transformation through God’s indwelling in the heart, self-mastery, contemplation, and a life of redemptive suffering for others.

Praying with St. Francis: An Introduction to Contemplation

July 23-27 William Short OFM

St. Francis of Assisi’s life and writings open up a new chapter in the way Christians pray. Based on their personal reflection on the Gospel, Francis and his companion St. Clare show how we can move from words about God to an experience of God. In this one-week course, we will read some of their writings, and learn from other spiritual teachers who followed them over the centuries. We will discover the importance of the emotions in our life of prayer, the creative use of our imagination to help us to pray, and the goal of this prayer in quiet union with God. Poetry, art, and music have been inspired by this Franciscan spiritual tradition, and we will use them to complement written words, and showing how beauty can help us in our journey.

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